Come see Tommy in our Snack Bar!

Serving up fast-food with a smile! Homemade hamburger, hot dogs,

hot and cold sandwiches. Philly Steak sandwich, pizza, wings and much more.

Try Tommy’s Famous Bird-Dog! You will be back for more.

Best prices in any Bowling Center.

Text Box:              Pizza
Sm. Pepperoni        
Sm. Cheese             
Lg. Pepperoni         
Lg. Cheese              
Lg. 4 meat               
Lg. Combo              
Text Box: Hot Dog Plate

Hot Dog with
French fries.  

2 Hot Dogs with
French fries.  
             Ham & Cheese w/Lettuce & Tomato 
             Ham with Lettuce & Tomato                        	Hamburger, homemade
             Cheeseburger, homemade	              	            
	Bacon Lettuce Tomato	
	Patty Melt on Wheat	
             Grill Cheese				 
             Grill Cheese with meat		           
             Chicken Sandwich		                     
             Hot Dog			                     
             Turkey Sandwich                                 
             Boulevard Club                                    
             Bird Dog                                               
             Bologna Sandwich                                
             Egg Salad Sandwich                             
             Philly Steak                        
					                                                             Text Box: 4140 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson, SC 29621   Phone 231-8672
Text Box: Chicken, Fries & more

     3 pc. Chicken Strip w/fries                       
     4 pc. Chicken Strip w/fries                       
     5 pc. Chicken Nuggets                             
                        w/ French fries                      
     Mini Corndogs (5)                                   
     Cheese Sticks (6)                                     
     French Fries                                             
     Cheese Fries                                             
     Chili Cheese Fries                                    
     Tater Tots                                                 
     Curly Fries                                               
     Onion Rings                                             
     Nachos w/cheese                                      
     Nachos w/chili & cheese                          
     Ex. Cheese                                                
Text Box:    Boulevard Clubs
Ham, Turkey, Chicken,
or Bologna. 
Served with Lettuce,
Tomato, Cheese, Bacon and 
French Fries.
Text Box: SOUPS & SALAD  
Toss Salad			
Toss Salad w/meat		
              Big Pickle                              
Text Box: Hamburger Plate  
Cheeseburger Pl.  

Ice cream sandwich         
Fudge Bar                      
Nutty Buddy                  
Brown Cow                   
Text Box: Beverages
     Sm. Coffee                              
     Lg. Coffee                             
     Hot Chocolate                       
     Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, M. 
     Dew, Dr. Pepper,         Sm.   
     Sierra Mist                   Lg.    
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Annual Meeting